Human Anatomy Toys

Human Anatomy Toys


29 Mar,19 10:00 AM

Human Anatomy Toys is a STEM Play Set featuring Augmented Reality, created specially for young scientists, who want to immerse into an interactive adventure in the world of science! Six anatomical toys – brain, eye, teeth, lungs, heart and torso help children study their structures in extra details, see in 3D how they function and discover various processes in the human body. 

By interacting with the body organs in Augmented Reality children can easily memorize the internal parts, read descriptions and take a quiz to check the acquired knowledge. By subscribing to digital content users can unlock an additional experience featuring young explorers Danny and Anny, get access to extra facts and take part in experiments in Augmented Reality! 

How to try the free DEMO:

1. Download and print out the images:



2. Get the free DEVAR app for your smartphone or tablet:


3. Launch the app and point the camera over this QR code:

4. Tap the PLAY button and point your camera 

over one of the printed pictures:

5. Have a fun learning experience!