AR Coding with Fourdi

AR Coding with Fourdi


27 Mar,19 10:00 AM

Coding with Fordi is an Early Learning play set enhanced with Augmented Reality, teaching children the basics of programming in a simple and fun way. Coding is a language that every child can learn. The player needs to place the tokens in the correct order, scan the wooden coding board and provide the right set of commands to navigate Fourdi to the exit. The play set includes 25 cards with game locations, 100 levels and infinite variety of animated outcomes! Coding helps kids develop academic skills, build qualities like perseverance and organization, and get valuable skills that can translate into their future career.

How to try the free DEMO:

1. Download and print out the coding board:

2. Get the free DEVAR app for your smartphone or tablet:


3. Launch the app and point the camera over this QR code:

4. Tap the PLAY button and point your camera 

over the coding board:

5. Have a fun coding experience!