WOW! Encyclopedia Series with Augmented Reality

WOW! Encyclopedia Series with Augmented Reality


09 Apr,19 10:00 AM

WOW! Encyclopedia series featuring two Augmented Reality books allows kids to go on amazing adventures and learn fascinating facts about their favorite creatures. By using the power of neural networks these encyclopedias are tailored to adjust the content to the reader’s age, making it interesting both for kids aged 6-9 and 9-14. This approach allows us to systemize the content delivery and make the digital education highly effective, by increasing the students’ engagement with the book.

Observing the creatures in their natural environment gives an understanding of their behavior and distinctive features. AR allows children to see how the animals and dinosaurs react to human voice and even meet them face-to-face in their actual size!

How to try the free DEMO:

1. Download and print out the picture:

2. Get the free DEVAR app for your smartphone or tablet:


3. Launch the app and point the camera over this QR code:

4. Tap the PLAY button and point your camera over the picture:

5. Have a fun learning experience!